Orgonite "Dharma" in Obsidian

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Orgonites, whose composition is based on the assembly of semi-precious stones, resin and metal particles, are used to block the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, WiFi hotspots, etc. but also to increase the vibratory rate of a place or a person.

They will definitely give you a healthy space where you can do your meditation, rest more easily or just relax.

They spread positive waves, called “Orgone” (also called “Chi”, “Prana”, “Ether”, “Élan vital” or “fifth element”), thus generating a high vibrational field.

Orgonites are real natural energy protection!

Characteristics of this Orgonite:

  • This Orgonite Dharma - comes to act on the Root Chakra, removing negative energies to make room for the flow of positive waves
  • Obsidian protects against negative entities
  • Our Orgonites are made to order
  • Obsidian - Resin - Copper Gems
  • Size: 60x60x65mm
  • Each Orgonite is unique
  • 100% artisanal manufacturing
  • Free delivery all over the world

Main characteristics of orgones:

* Neutralizes emf radiation, EMF protection for phones, home, office, garden, house etc.
* Clears negative energy and generates positive energy
* Meditation aid
* Supports restful sleep
* Relieves stress
* Purifies living rooms
* Gives you more energy
* Balances moods
* Help with Spiritual Awakening
* Improves health

Usage tips

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of Orgonite, place it on a non-metallic, smooth and flat surface, and position it so as to direct one face (and not one edge) towards magnetic north.

There are a multitude of ways to use orgonites. They sometimes relieve body ailments by placing it directly on the diseased or painful area.

If you are in an environment with electromagnetic waves, it will suffice to place the Orgonite on your desk, near your television, the computer, near the children's game consoles, in the car, etc... or elsewhere. wear one on you at all times to refocus your chakras.


It is necessary to clean it regularly under water for 2 to 3 minutes to optimize its effectiveness. You can also fumigate it with sage incense, put it in the morning sun, moonlight, or any other cleansing ritual that will only bring positive benefits to your Orgonite.

MOST CUSTOMERS ASK US: What are some of the other benefits of having a Pyramid - Orgonite?

OUR ANSWER: People sleep better with pyramids. But where the pyramid is placed at night is a very individual and intimate thing. Some energetically sensitive people do not support the too strong energy released by the pyramid. You must then take the pyramid out of the bedroom and move it to an adjoining room to take advantage of the buffer zone you need. Other people, less sensitive, like to sleep with their Orgonite pyramid very close to the bed.

From the feedback we receive, as well as our own experience, cats, dogs and other pets are also drawn to orgonite pyramids and like to get close to them. We think that's a good sign!

Orgonite "Dharma" in Obsidian

Orgonite "Dharma" in Obsidian

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